On To Norway!

I have always been interested in why the Ritters and Knicks chose Norway myself. This is a good area for research.

Ritter Families

When it comes to understanding family history and the motivating “why” a family member leaves his home country for another it’s often left an unsolvable mystery. Seeking better economic times is often the spark. Fleeing religious persecution or military conscription gets people moving in huge numbers as well. Love? Maybe.

So what could have driven Christian Ritter, a single 25 year-old Evangelical Lutheran (presumably with the Ritter Mystery Cup in tow) to move away in 1863?

Economics? He and his family owned the Neuerbeműhle, generally called “die Schneideműhle”, from 1805 to 1862. His uncle and grandfather other mills in the area as well.

Politics? The year before, in 1862 Otto von Bismarck, a  Pietist Lutheran, was named Prussa’s Minister-President and Foreign Minister by King Wilhelm I which was the beginning (or escalation?) of much political and military turmoil throughout the region.

Love? We do know that by Novemeber 1864 he lives in Holmestrand, Norway. A town in that Lutheran country just under 700 miles almost due north from his former home in…

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